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Concerned your child's drug experimentation is turning into a habit? Worried they’re spending too much time playing video games or watching porn and not enough time studying? Don’t assume these issues will work themselves out. Call to get an immediate assessment of your child's behavior and learn what I do to help!

Brain Science Technology

Living in a world constantly connected to the internet and technology changes the way our brains think and act. It’s crucial to understand how these electronics reinforce certain behaviors with feel-good chemicals. Together, we can take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in brain scan research to help you lead a more successful and productive life.

Academic Problems

I help assess how your child’s behavior is negatively impacting his/her’s school performance. Whether caused by ADHD, relationships, technology or drug use, we’ll identify strategies that’ll tackle barriers getting in the way of good grades and prepare them for the fast-approaching, rigorous college work.

Destructive Behaviors

Teens experiment with a variety of risky behaviors including substances like alcohol and marijuana, gambling, pornography, and excess computer gaming and technology use. My short-term treatment helps to stop these behaviors at their root and give your child the tools they need to live a healthy, productive life.


Available throughout the week to fit within your hectic schedule including weekends and evenings. I accept credit cards, checks and cash and I am qualified as a reimbursable out-of-network provider. Call to book an appointment today!

Ed Sage


Private Practice
As a life coach and licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW-R) I have worked with families and teens for over 25 years.

Saint Vincent’s Hospital
During my tenure at St. Vincent’s Hospital, I treated over 1,000 patients with a variety of developmental, addiction and psychological issues.

New York University
I received my Masters Degree in Social Work from NYU in 1992.


I specialize in the treatment of adolescents. My short-term sessions can help adolescents and their families repair relationships and improve life choices and habits.
I work with teens, adolescents and adults to provide specialized outpatient sessions for:
  • Adolescent Assessments
  • Academic Issues
  • ADHD
  • Drug & Technology Abuse
  • Depression & Anxiety

I offer flexible hours on both nights and weekends. During our individualized and short-term treatment we will address the underlying causes of your child’s problems and help to ensure their future success.

  • Our Services
  • Experimenting with pot and alcohol can seem harmless, but social using can quickly spiral out of control into full-blown abuse. My treatment helps to address the underlying causes that contribute to your problems with drugs and alcohol, so you can cut those unhealthy habits from your life.

    Substance Abuse Treatment
  • What should you do when your child refuses to talk to you? Or you think he is smoking too much pot? Or just seems like he is veering off the path? The best next step a parent can take is getting their child assessed. It's fairly simple: I sit down and talk with your child to understand his perspective of what he believes to be the problem. After I will bring in the parents so they can express their side. In my 25 years of experience I find this sets the groundwork for determining not only the challenges at hand but also how these issues can be overcome.

  • What should parents do when their child seems perfectly happy one moment, but in a fiery rage the next? Symptoms like depression, anger and anxiety may seem "normal" at that age, but left untreated, can lead to poor grades, social withdrawal, or even suicide. My wholesome approach focuses on the unique needs of each child and family to re-open communication channels and restore relationships.

    Mood Disorder Treatment

Process for Success

Ed uses his vast experience and data-driven research to reconstruct your life.

Trusted 100%
Non-judgemental 100%
Compassionate 100%
Scientific 100%
Dedicated 100%
Professional 100%
Honest 100%
Confidential 100%
Experienced 100%
Comprehensive 100%


  • You may love your child, but have difficulty liking them.
  • Do not overreact to minor offenses or they may begin to resent you.
  • Your overall job during your child’s adolescence is to get them ready to leave home.
  • Arguing is useless and provocative.

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Choosing the right treatment provider is critical to ensure timely and beneficial outcomes. It’s imperative not to waste a moment when your child’s future is at stake. Our personalized, individual and short-term sessions provide a safe and confidential environment to give your child the tools they need to make a life worth living.

Don’t think you have time for treatment? I provide flexible hours throughout the week including on nights and weekends. I accept multiple forms of payment including cash, credit card and check in addition to being a reimbursable out-of-network provider.

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